Deliverance & breakthrough in Job

by Sheina (India)

Dear prayer partner,

My name is Sheina , and I am writing this mail in regards to my Job.
I am working in my current company since last 13 years and till about 3 years back everything was fine, I was growing with the organization in terms of my reputation, appraisals and promotions.
Since the last 3 years i.e is July 2014, I have been facing too many issues and getting caught up in too many unnecessary politics. My ex-boss ill-treated me with every possible way he could.
He not only tortured me mentally, but found ways to humiliate me, disgrace me etc, In short he left no stone unturned to get me out of the job, but God has always protected me.
In march recently I found out he was moving to another profile in the same organization, so I finally had a breather thinking that since now he is moving out things will be fine, but only to realize that before leaving he ensured he spoiled my last appraisal, he not only gave me the worst rating which has resulted in zero increment for me, also it has blocked me for applying for any internal job posting or any more promotions for the next 2 to 3 years.

I have been on the same designation as a manager since last 6 years +, and was genuinely hoping for next level in this appraisal. But everything has turned upside down. I have also been trying to look for Jobs outside but nothing is working out, I apply either I do not get revert from the company or consultant or if I give interview to the best of my ability I do not get selected.

Even my new Boss who was good is leaving because of the internal politics. I serious feel like just quitting my job but cant because I have bills to pay and run my house. I feel so trapped and helpless, I have been fervently praying for breakthrough in my situation but nothing is working. I am just now standing on the verge of breakdown because no matter how much I pray or beg the Lord for helping me nothing is just moving.

The reason I am writing is for you to please pray for my as I am losing my sanity, peace and hope. Somewhere I cant live in this torture and turmoil any more, it feels everything is working against me.

Please pray for me.

Thanks and Regards