Deliverance and Family Reunification

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I confess my sins before my Father, Savior, Holy Spirit and man. I was selfish, manipulating, deceitful & materialistic. I used loved ones-anyone. I was on a pedestal, vain- prideful. My fall from glory happened last year. I went from being a degree professional to having incarceration, career lost, daughter taken-haven’t seen her in over a year, divorcing. I’m still in the storm over a year later. It took this to bring me back to God’s fold. I am a new person in Christ. I understand that I am reaping what I sow, God should always be the guide. But I’m faced with so many trials from past actions that I never get to be happy in who I am now. I feel I can’t take anymore. My faith has been tested so much I’m broken. The enemy now does wrong against me and no one helps. I pray to God to take me with him to relieve the pain. Pray for me-my deliverance-restoration- a chance to begin again.

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