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I wish to pray for deliverence from telepathers who have set their eyes on my marriage , my children and constantly follow me everywhere i go. I pray for peace of mind as they constantly talk through my mind saying hurtful things concerning my everyday life that harm my daily prayer life and my yearn to find my paths in Jesus. I want to someday preach the word so i am constantly in check with what i do by seeking God to guide and mold me into what He wants me to become. its been tough for me especially and they constantly speak sexual language to my 13 year old son who is still in school. one of them keeps saying she is patiently waiting for my son to reach 18 years so he can ensure to have soul ties with him via invading his dreams and sexually molesting him. I do pray seriously but I feel i am still weak and need God to strengthen me in this fight. Help me. please note that I have been able to hear their voices as they talk about everything I do including even my personal time with my husband through out the day for 14 years. I do my best to ignore and concentrate on what I do e.g chores or reading or crafting. Help me church of Christ i seriously need their voices to leave me and my family. I have moved house 4 times because of it but they still locate me. mostly telepathers look for targets to do this to them and are usually in groups (these ones are a group of 3 cordinating in their manipulations) I am a strong warrior of Jesus camp and I need great strength to overcome this battle.
Pray for me and my family please.

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