by Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy ()

please pray to Jesus to remove the Balinese masseuse from me and send the enemy from me and stop the Balinese terrorist plot and send out the enemy from me and Eleda Kamphuijs, and pray to remove her from my inner child in my eternal stream of consciousness, my name Magdalena Angelica Lovejoy, and heal my son Eleda Zechariah Kamphuijs, and send the thief Theresa Quann, and ssend the cannibals away from me and out of my family, and pray to heal my self-consciousness, send the enemy named Miryatena away from me and my son who is a cult identity personality, and pray to send Satan out of Satan, pray to remove the germ from me, pray to heal my vaginal consciousness and that Jesus is not my “labia majora” from an abuse that I suffered and demonized Jesus into a sexual object. Pray to reverse the subject and object, and pray to send away Howard Stern from me as it is demonic, pray to heal “modernism” so I am aligned with Christ in my modernism, pray to set Bill and Theresa Quann free from wartorn reality and regimentalism.

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