Deliver us from evil

by Nora Light ()

Pray that health and healing will be restored to all of Gods people!

Pray the Lord will restore what has been stolen from His saints!

Pray that there will be no more chances for the wicked to steal our days, years or EVEN minutes away!!!

Pray that Satan’s attacks will make him weaker and more weary until he is finally cut off!!!!

Pray we will be redeemed and cleansed for the purposes God has ordained for His children of destiny!!!

Pray that Gods people will experience “shalom”

Pray that our flesh will no longer be slaves to the darkness! I rebuke it!

Pray we won’t be proud or struggle with issues because of pride

Pray for more faith and spiritual discernment and wisdom and knowledge in His word

Pray we live accordingly with more strength of the inner man in humblessness and faith!

Pray God will reveal more truth to heal us and free us and protect us and revive us!

Pray that we ALL will pray more!

Pray to break the demonic strongholds in our lives!

Pray to break all carnal mindsets through the power of Christ

Pray that once spirits leave us they will no longer return with 7 more spirits more deadly than themselves!

Pray we will heal the brokenhearted, set the captives free, preach the gospel to the poor, recover sight for the blind and hearing for the deaf, the oppressed will proclaim liberty and we will proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord!

Pray our eyes will be full of light

Pray we will dispose of the “books of lies” in our head!

Pray we will be careful with what we watch, what we speak and what we think!

Pray we will read Gods word and renew our minds!

Pray we will offer our bodies as a living sacrifice, not conforming to the world the world and being tramsformed by the renewing of our mind that we might prove what is good, acceptable and the perfect will of God!

Pray that our armor of God will impenetrable!

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