Deliver us from evil

by Lady Hope ()

Prya we will live honestly so our lives will heal themselves

Pray we will arrive at the same level of understanding with our partners and will be able to tell and hear the truth

Pray we will no longer tell each other small lies which defeat trust, create suspicion, and block our expressions of love

Pray partners will express their true feelings, no matter how unpleasant, so our relationships can begin to heal and right them selves

Pray we will examine truthful pains we have pushed aside

Pray we can deal directly with our own problems so we can live in the moment with confidence rather than dreading terrors that might be reactivated and paralysis sets in

Pray we will admit old hurts to heal depression

Pray we realize our anger stems from trying to conceal our injuries instead of believing were bad because of it

Prya to accept hurt and anger so we can resolve guilt and forgive ourselves and others

Pray we will accept and live in greater truthfulness so we can overcome addictions. Pray we will release old hurts that lead to these behaviors

Pray chemicals and self destructing behavior will quit reinforcing lies making it more difficult to correct

Pray we will accept the painful truth instead of running from it so we can begin to live in sobriety

Pray we will have opportunities to air the truth and set matters straight

Pray we will be clearly understood and will clearly understand our loved ones

Pray we will tell the truth so people know how we truly feel

Pray that its never too late to tell the truth

Pray the truth will heal, protect and guide and allow us to live in freedom at our best

Pray we will no longer conceal lies that drain our energy and lower ours and others self esteems

Pray the truth will simplify

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