Deliver us from Babylon/Two witnesses

by Lady ()

Pray God will show my fiancé visions of Heaven, Hell and Earth so he can make an accurate decision of his soul with a sound mind without the voice of Satan and that he’ll make the choice with an understanding heart and different skin with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and have seeing ears and hearing ears

Pray that, God willing, the courts will be understanding about my charge when my leg was injured for going into a house and trying to get bandages for my leg (my entire lower right leg was skinned off and was peeing blood) and water because I was since I have no prior felonies or any record really and pray that the Holy Spirit will convinct my sons father not to show up to testify at trial against me and/or tell the cops he was wrong (without getting in trouble himself) or whatever he has to to drop the charges

Pray that God will rebuke Satan and bind the spirits of Balaam and Jezebel (and any other demons) in Michigan with a threefold cord and send equal but opposing angels to keep the two witnesses safe and any spirits/people attempting to harm them will suffer the the fire and wrath of God

Pray God will allow me and whoever else it is else he decides to carry out our duty as the two witnesses and pray that whoever the other witness is will see a vision of the seven seals described in Revelations pray we will have strength and the guidance of the Holy Spirit

Pray the families of Christians around the world and the two witnesses will be kept safe

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