Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Prya we won’t accept any mans person or give him flattering titles

Pray we will hear Gods soeeeches and hearken to all His words

Pray our words will of the uprightness of our heart and our lips will utter knowledge clearly

Pray the spirit of God will renew us the breath of the Almighty breathe new life within us

Pray God will remake us so we are clean without transgression and become innocent, living as our bodies were the living temples that they are without any iniquity residing within us

Pray man will perceive when God speaks to us

Pray in a dream, in a vision of the night and when man falls into a deep sleep, in slumberings upon his bed God will open the ears, eyes, hearts and minds of men and seal their instruction

Pray God may withdraw man from his purpose and hide pride from man

Pray God will keep back our soul from the pit and our lives from perishing by the sword

Pray God will chasten us with pain upon our be d and the multitude of bones with strong pain so that life abhors bread and our soul dianty meat

Pray our flesh will be consumed away and our bones not seen stick out

Pray God will shed messengers to shew unto man his uprightness

Pray God will be gracious to us and find a ransom and deliver our souls from going down to the pit

Pray our flesh will be fresher than a child’s and we will return to the days of our youth

Prya we will pray to God and be favourable to Him and see joy and render to humankind righteousness

Pray we will recognize our sin and how we have perverted what was right for no profit

Pray God will deliver our soul from the pit and our lives will see the light

Pray we will be enlightened with the light of the living

Pray we will hearken to God and hold our peace as He teaches us wisdom

Pray our souls will be cured without transgression

Pray those with understanding will hearken to Gods words

Pray God will hear the cry of the poor and the afflicted

Pray God will teach us what we can’t see and those who have done iniquity to do no more

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