Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray to broaden viewpoints and opinions and become less judgement of others and most importantly ourselves

Pray we won’t be self condemning as we examine our own inner workings

Pray we will loosen up and learn how to have fun and laugh and enjoy life

Pray we will get in touch with our own humanity to accept the differences in others

Pray we will be flexible and remain open to change

Pray we will take the time to peer into depths of others and be able to understand what might be true for them

Pray we will take the time to be alone and reflect in a quiet, meditative state and if we haven’t discovered this state pray we will and believe and see the positive aspects of such a process

Pray we will leanr to be our own teachers and teach ourselves what we need to know

Pray that the knowledge locked inside our hearts will be revealed to us as we learn how to spend time in peace and solitude

Pray we will tune into the hearts of us and others and learn from them

Pray we will be more comfortable spending time alone

Pray we will focus on ourselves and our issues instead of turning the spotlight onto others

Pray we won’t spend our lives wrapped up in one thing after another without giving anything much thought

Pray we will look to our own inner resources for answers continuously instead of only desperate times of pain or rejection

Pray we will emerge from our dark nights of the soul more self assured and fulfilled

Pray we will get to know ourselves, touching base with our deepest self continuously, so periods of solitude become necessary

Pray we will learn to balance social life and solitude

Pray we will support healing of our hearts by clearing fears and resentments

Pray we will travel the path of self knowledge and knowledge for God

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