Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray we will be willing to do things other than our own ways

Pray we wont allow “aggression to run riot”

Pray we will forget about solely being “successful” so we cna actually achieve it

Pray we will find others who appreciate our uniqueness and avoid the effort of impressing or trying to be accepted by people who wont

Pray when we will our all for love we will recieve the same in return instead of getting hurt

Pray we will find a few close friends (or family) we will actually be able to trust and communicate effectively with them

Pray when we are generous with others, we will be able to see between the lines so we won’t be easily taken advantage of by others

Pray we will get better at being alone and will be able to give ourselves easily to one on one co jugal relationships

Pray we won’t force our ideas onto others or put abstraction s ahead of personal consideration s

Pray we will understand and emphathize and have patience for others even when it comes to nagging and complaining and talking and sorting through our feelings

Pray we will stop being unrealistic, unyielding, and self sacrificing

Pray we won’t make a home from the vicissitudes of life

Pray that we will enjoy life instead of believing we pay our dues with a certain amount of suffering

Pray we will escape the severe traumas in our lives

Pray we will all be accepted for who we really are

Pray we won’t be prone to love with others because of a pretty face, sensuous voice or alluring body

Pray we won’t comfort ourselves with money or fastasy full interior life, instead we will receive inner healing and turn to Jesus to deal with our conflicts and greif

Pray to find real friends who genuinely care about us

Pray we won’t be reclusive, disappointed or have suffering on our expense because of ourselves or others

Pray we won’t be peculiar, irresponsible or rejected because of ourselves or others

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