Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray we will rebuild trust in ourselves to be more discerning and better judges of character

Pray we will evaluate others to know who to trust and why

Pray we won’t be withdrawn or isolate ourselves

Pray we will realize our need of others and become more trusting

Pray we will trust our own judgements

Pray to reveal our sensitive core to others

Pray we will release our feelings of being victim and our victim mentality

Pray we will experience the joy of trusting ourselves

Pray we will be well grounded

Pray we will successfully minister to the poor and the sick

Pray we will reach out to receive the physical nurturing we need and crave

Pray we will be more spontaneous and free in self expression reaching out of ourselves to connect with others in relationships of true equality and reveal the great beauty and compassion within us

Pray we will risk allowing others to see our divine spark and offer it to humanity in the form of service

Pray to heal old wounds arising from past bad decisions

Pray we will trust ourselves so we can trust others

Pray we will hone discrimination to better evaluate our associates and determine who is worthy of our trust and who is not

Pray we will cultivate our intuition and become more grounded in the body

Pray we will listen to gut feelings and discriminate what our sensations are communicating

Pray to tap into psychic abilities and further bolster our judgment by sifting, sorting, and weighing all types of info and impressions to reach conclusions about best course of action or about characters of indivs

Pray to pay attention to little details that reveal much about others and observe others in situations to test their integrity and trustworthiness.

Pray we wil know who to reveal ourselves and our intentions to and when we should do it

Pray to develop wisdom in our hearts and not just merely rational thinking

Pray to cultivate our own wisdom and grow to trust ourselves more and take more risks revealing oursrvles to the world

Pray we will serve as examples to others and relate in a mature way and develop relationships out of respect and trust instead of need and fear.

Pray we will be comfortable in being in the public eye for however long we might need

Pray we will work on our private lives in peace and nurture our physical side such as massage yoga, sports etc

Pray we will be transparent and emotionalky honest

Pray we will attract strong, independant, and kind souls instead of those clingy and needy so we can ensure healthy relationships.

Pray to balance trust and suspicion

Pray we will be good judges of character

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