Deliver us from Babylon

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Pray the Holy Spirit will help me learn/remember/read/write Hebrew, along with studying/spending time reading His word, keeping His statues/commandments, continuing in my fast, continuing spreading the gospel to those who need it, help me to find a job in my field I enjoy where I’d be the most benefit in God’s eyes, and inspire me to begin writing my book about my testimony/life… I feel like beginning is the hardest part.

Pray the Holy Spirit will convict my grandparents to find their old typewriter and help them remember where it’s at so I can begin writing and in the meantime, journal daily about my prayers, journey with God, and various different wiriting prompts so I can start exercising my author muscle so I can flex! 😉

Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all around to help save and deliver those who aren’t already saved. Pray priests/teachers/disciples/missionaries/pastors/prophets/popes etc will teach the gospel and the doctrine of Heaven, Hell and baptisms so people can truly get saved and know where they’re going if they refuse

Pray people will have hearing ears, seeing eyes, strong hearts and sound minds. Pray people will have a fear of God and incline their ears to wisdom and hearts to understanding.and walk in the way of the commandments/statues so God can keep us from evil, fear and anything that is not of His kingdom

Pray well return to the 7 mountains of culture shaping influence over society — media, govt, education, economy, family, religion, and celebration (arts & entertainment) — which are key for returning our countries civilizations back to the kingdom of God

Pray the entire world would be blessed, in Jesus, name and would repent and come out from under Babylon

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