Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady ()

Pray that Trump and all his legislation will go through throughout the entire government and Biden will be eliminated in someway in the Lords choosing from taking the White House.

Pray that everyone will receive their second round of the stimulus checks and continue to help those struggling with money in some way even afterwards

Pray that those affected by the mark of the beast will have seeing ears, seeing eyes, sound minds and sound hearts all around the world and those who are willing to repent would be saved and delivered and come under the authority of Jesus Christ

Pray that those doing meth will stop having issues with morality, fornication, perversion and lusts so when they use they won’t only feel like having sex and will be able to talk and hold an actual conversation without evil spirits binding or haulting communication between those trying to talk so they can be open and honest and open

Pray God will restore those relationships of His that are meant to be whether it’s friendships, marriages or family and rebuke the presence of Satan that is keeping anything God ordained separated

Pray God will help me and my kids dad use discernment about the key of Solomon

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