Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady ()

Pray all around the world God, His angels, and His people will take control of prosperity, wealth, money, protection, peace, power, happiness, health, immunity, abundance, body chemistry, traumas, toxic behaviors, judgements, restoration, long life, wisdom, knowledge, karma, law, justice, success, luck, chance, addictions, gambling, debts, education, rejection, poverty & lack, hunger, safety, shelter, government, communism, fascism, sins, occult practices, sorcery, curses, evil enterprises & kingdoms, institutions, mental and physical illnesses, resentments, forgiveness, timing, clairvoyance, medicine, arts, science, commerce, trade, travel, business, skills, respect, honor, faith, hope, plants, animals, living life and even death, love, hatred, compassion, relationships, growth, self worth, wisdom, water, wind, fire, air, sky, space, ether, elements, natural resources, decisions, outcomes, risks, destinies, abuse, rejections, fears, abandonment, trust issues, planetary positions, numbers, statistics, and that God will govern ALL forces in the entire universe and beyond replacing demons with the equal but opposite opposing angels. Pray that the name of the Lord and all His chosen will be blessed for all our enemies to witness.

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