Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray that misonaries will go out a preach the word of God where it has never been taught before

Pray that others will become ministers and priests who Shepard those who have come to faith

Pray we will be called to serve God in various ways and the Holy Spirit will guide our steps as we begin the process

Pray that people will begin food pantries and kitchens for the hungry

Pray that people will open their homes to women and children who have suffered at the hand of abuse

Pray that there will be people to volunteer their time to help out in these places

Pray that churches will raise the money they need to help the poor, to support missionaries, to donate clothing to shelters, or drive people to doctors appointments, etc

Pray that we will remain faithful to the Gospel of Christ

Pray that we will love one another just as Jesus has loved us

Pray we will be one and that we will all work to keep us unified with Christ at the head

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