Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady ()

Pray that God will destroy the demonic strongholds of fear, rejection, abuse, depression, anger, and self hatred for Christians and their fanily/loved ones around the world so they can recieve deliverance and inner healing

Pray that those living in bondage will learn and repent of the their actions which cause entrances for evil:: willful sin, addictions, inherited curses (deliverence minister may be needed; repent sins of ancestors usually involving murder, perversion, abortions/suicide), abuse, occult indulgence, and abandonment (I realize not all of these need to be repented but require inner healing.

Pray to break any generational curses due to abandonment, which is essentially effecting children inadvertently and its so obvious in their behavior as generations go on.

Pray to break any curses involving poverty and lack that have been affecting our families for generations, and pray God will give us the motivation and strength to use our get up and go to get up and use our knowledge for the benefit and charity of others.

Actually, matter of fact say outloud right now:: “In Jesus name, I break any curses on me, my name, my body, my mind and my soul. I revoke any blood acrifices done on behalf of my ancestors and renounce any occult, witchcraft, divination activity.” — you successfully just completed a mini exorcism on yourself! 🙂
PS:: It works better with olive oil, say outloud *while touching the container/liquid* “In Jesus name, I bless the olive oil.” and put it in the shape of a cross on your forehead.

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