Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray that the fear of the Lord will cause us to depart from evil

Pray the Lord will direct iyr steps as we achieve the desires of our hearts

Pray a just weight and balance will be the Lords

Pray the throne of the king will be established by righteousness

Pray wise men will pacify the angel of death

Pray we will have humble spirits

Pray that those who handle matters wisely will find good and those that trust in the Lord will be happy.

Pray the wise in the heart will be prudent and his lips increase learning

Pray understanding will be a wellspring of life to those who have it

Pray the heart of the wise teach their mouths and add learning to our lips

Pray pleasant words will be as a honeycomb sweet to the soul and health to the bones

Pray the hoary head will be a crown of glory if it be in the way of the righteous

Pray well be slow to anger which is better than the mighty and those who rule their spirits will take a city

Pray the lot is cast in the lap but the disposing of is the Lords

Pray wise servants rule over those who chase shame and will have a part of the inheritence of our brothers

Pray that those who mock the poor and are greatful about calamities wont go unpunished

Pray gifts will be precious stones in the eyes of those who have it, where it turns it prospers

Pray those who seek rebellion will have a cruel messenger sent after him

Pray a bear robbed of her whelps meet a man rather than a fool in his folly

Pray those who prefer evil wont have evil leave his house

Pray to leave off contention before its meddled with

Pray for friends to love at all times and brothers being born for adversary

Pray we won’t be void of understanding, love transgressions or strife

Pray we won’t have froward hearts or perverse tounges

Pray merry hearts will be good like medicine

Pray the wicked won’t prevert the ways of judgement

Pray wisdom is before those with understanding

Pray we won’t be foolish or bitter

Pray that those with knowledge will spare their words and those who understand are in excellent spirit

Pray men of understanding will know when to be quiet


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