Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady ()

Pray that the occult won’t be able to negatively impact anyones lives in a way the individual doesn’t want, force someone to commit actions the person is unwilling to do or destroy a persons personal/relationship/mental/moral/spiritual life and that anyone who wishes to be free from the occult and their ways will be free to do, especially if they start believing in Jesus and want to accept the holy spirit in their life, repent of their sins and change their lives

In Jesus name, immediately bind any and all spirits/people of the occult affecting a person in this negative manner with a threefold cord and pray that God will send angels to bring these demons to their knees

Pray the angels of God will protect any individual being threatened by the occult/Lucifarians/Satanists, etc

Pray that these spirits and wicked people commiting these acts will face the wrath, judgement and fire of God for every child of God’s life they have destroyed, killed, ruined, stolen from, held captive or held in bondage and all of Gods people will be restored everything sevenfold…starting right this very second!!!!!

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