Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray that demons will be unable to call on other demons for help during an exorcism, deliverence or healing.

Pray that demons of trances, mind control, blocking, catatonia, manipulation, abuse, rejection, depression, self hatred, witchcraft, the occult, sorcery, etc will be unable to interfere and keep a person from receiving prayers, worship, Gods word, healing and deliverence

Pray that demons will lose the struggling battle to keep a person as their host and fight, argue, betray and reveal sensitive information about the legal rights and strongholds possessing and oppressing a person so they can successfully recieve freedom, deliverence, healing and wholeness

Pray the weaker demons in the system will reveal valuable information to cast out the stronger, more powerful ones at the top so they will be punished and experience suffering and torment so they are able to be cast out with extreme ease and little work.

Pray that demons vows to cooperate with each other will be null and void and instead fight and bicker with each other without coming to any agrees

Pray that many members of the existing teams residing within a person recieving deliverence will seek to steal, kill, and destroy each other and take a bigger cut of action for themselves so tje others will turn on them creating utter chaos, exhaustion and confusion

Pray in the trio of murder, hate and revenge the forces of God will prevail and murder will kill the other two demons for suspecting they will reveal sensitive info about staying in the victim before finally killing himself and taking out every other demon residing beneath him even those not involved in the trio

Pray that in the heat of spiritual battle, delierence ministers will actually be able to coax spirits into confessing and betraying one another

Pray that during deliverence, healing and ministry demons will become confused and act unwisely and God will send angels of confusion to anyone needing deliverence right this very second to disrupt the plans of demons, thrawt and entirely stop their plans of destruction within and a person and their life and make them more susceptible to dividing and conquering tactics

Pray that the Christ demon and his tactics and he willingly be forced to drink spiritually represention of Christ’s blood

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