Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Please pray my friend Ed, and our other brothers and sisters in Christ that well continue to grow in Christ and the Holy Spirit will guide our steps as we grow

Pray that more people and my friend Ed will come to church with us so well can all can grow stronger in the word – the REAL word not the watered down version

Please pray on my end that we will be able to help others grow a stronger relationship with Christ and have the Holy Spirit guide our steps as well in the process so we can inspire envy for Jesus in their lives

Please pray that the counseling job I applied for (Im a recovering addict as well so it will also help me by helping others) will finally get a hold of me to schedule an interview, the Holy Spirit will guide me during the interview on how to answer all the questions appropriately.

Pray that if I do get the job the Holy Spirit will guide me and help me to heal and provide delieverence for the broken and hurting souls

Pray that if I get hired they will drastically see the difference in the clients and people will start to realize the power of deliverence and it will spread like wildfire!!!

Pray I can get deliverence into the churches and the main stream economy along with doctors and counselors and the Holy Spirit will guide my steps in the process to do this so it can influence as many people as we can

Pray that we will all be making better faster and stronger steps to achieve the destiny Christ has determined for our lives

Please pray that my friend Chris and I and my husband will be able to find a building to practice out delierence and minister and share the word to people who need to hear it

Pray that the Holy Spirit will intercede and help us all practice deliverence, minister and share the word to the people who so desperately need the gospel and healing in their lives

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