Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Pray that women around the world will be treated like the human beings, with feelings, that they are instead of objectified, womainzed and treated like sex objects/slaves/maids

Pray that in countries that women are obsessed and oppressed will receive the same healing, wealth, power, status, love, loyalty, respect and compassion (Ill go as far to same the same is given to men and children as well)

Pray that women will in fact see and embrace their differences from men instead of trying to be “just like them”

Pray that women will receive the same respect, honor, loyalty, and love they give their men/boyfriends/husbands/dates/flings and be equally yoked with partners instead of being cheated on so men can have their lusts, prides, egos and excuse my language but dicks stroked while women are leaving themselves emotionally vulernable to their partner and many times having them coming back emotionally empty and unable to meet their needs, desires and wants

Pray that women around the world will find a man who wants and loves them and only them and be able to meet their needs, desires and wants emotionally, physically and spiritually and treats them with the respect, loyalty, compassion and love they so badly deserve

Pray that Christ will be at the head of these relationships so they can experience healing, deliverence, and wholeness putting their relationships first and teaching their children how to walk in the same direction

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