Deliver us from Babylon

by Lady Hope ()

Please pray for my husband Jake, that the Holy Spirit will reveal to him the truth about his form of idolatry and guide him to surrender his sense of pride and put God first in his life

Also, he is possessed so can please pray that God will continue to weaken his demons as time goes on and that His army of angels will continue to give them more and more resistance and protect him from any further psychological, spiritual, or physical harm

Pray that while he is in jail he will be able to read, learn and grow in the Lord despite his demons so he can receive proper healing and deliverence

Pray he will have hearing ears seeing eyes a strong heart and sound mind so he can
decipher, understand, learn, grow in and apply the Word of the Lord. Pray he will keep Gods commandments and statutes in his heart and mind and walk in his ways and fear the Lord so God can direct His paths

Please pray that Gods voice will trump the voice of his demons so he will easily be able to decipher between the two. Pray Gods Word will triumph in his heart and heart and give him hope and resistance to the demons so they will want to flee well before their time to go

Pray that despite being in jail, he will have healthy people surrounding him that he can talk to or teach them about God instead of being surrounded with people who will feed off the demons he already has present

Please pray that any unhealthy ungodly relationships he’s currently holding onto will be completely severed, whether its on his behalf or theirs

Pray that this will in fact be his rock bottom so he won’t have to dissend into anymore chaos before hes willing change. Pray that he will solely rely on Jesus and other people who truly care about him (Christians preferably) to heal, become whole and grow further and stronger in his faith in God and the Holy Spirit will guide his steps to recieve complete and total transformation and healing

Pray that God will send angels to minister to his anger and unforgiveness towards his father, which have also created issues with homosexuality so pray that angels of the equal and opposite nature will prevail in defeating the inner turmoil the demons left behind

Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide him in seeing the destruction the demons have created in his life so he will want to be free of them, but pray he will focused more on God rather than his demons

Pray God will return his heart to me (and to Him) but also have the Holy Spirit show him where he hurt me and inflicted pain on me so he will change in his ways to be a better man, even better than the man I knew before he was possessed.

Pray that no drugs or addictive substances or even negative, discouraging energy find their way to him as he’s going through the deliverence process since he’s actually really sensitive and any further shame or guilt may push him over the edge

Pray angels will minister to his guilt, hurt, shame abuse, self hatred, rejection, fear, depression, anger, confusion and doubt

Pray the Holy Spirit will convinct him to remain abstinate (even from self pleasure) as the spirit of perversion is his strong man. Pray God will completely bind, judge and condemn any spirits of lust, perversion, homosexuality, incubus, succubus, spiritual wives/husbands, Jezebel, porn and pride so he can receive full deliverence without the confusion of the demons

Pray God will also lead his heart to repent of his sins, break any curses (repent sins of ancestors), and tear down any strongholds that are keeping the demons in so that once they’re gone they have no leverage to come back

Pray that God and His angels will completely torture, judge, irritate, harrass, beat, condemn, slay and cast out the demons x7 for everything they have done to me and our entire family of men and women of God, and especially to him (he is in fact a Christian as well)

Pray that Jake and our family will be restored sevenfold, starting right this second, for everything the kingdom of darkness stole and how much pain and misery they inflicted upon us

Pray that once these demons leave, they will never be allowed to return and inflict misery upon anyone else again.. The dogs of Jezreel will eat their flesh and lick their blood and they’ll be tossed in the pit with no escape, ever

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