Deliver and heal me from my unknown affliction that plagues my skin

by Laura (Montpelier, Indiana 47395)

Lord your word tells us that by your stripes we are healed and to ask and we shall receive. I have suffered so for almost 20 years with this sickness that lives in my skin, it eats me alive and drives me to the brink of madness, it itches so bad 24/7 without relent, I have cried a river of tears, I have walked the floors in constant prayer for deliverance when it was at its worst, it has scarred me physically, mentally & emotionally & kept me hidden away behind my door, away from love , compassion & understanding. I have endured so many harsh words from others, and been harshly misjudged by others even by physicians who were charged with knowing the name of the affliction & thus providing proper treatment, I have been alienated by those whom I love and hold dear. I have many serious health issues that I would accept without complaint Lord but this with my skin keeps me a prisoner and limits my ability to offer up my hands in service. It makes me suffer silently within myself because of the refusal of everyone around me to tolerate any word I speak of this horrible suffering and in that I feel so alone, horrfied, scared & hopelessly overcome with despair. I know I am unworthy of the right to ask for your favor, a miracle in healing or your devine intervention, I am but a lowly one of your flock Lord but I believe in every word contained within the bible and so tonight Lord I implore thee to make me humbly worthy somehow of your devine grace & healing hand lead me to that doorstep Lord as I am at the doorstep of giving up at every waking moment I live. My only hope lies within you Lord for your word says That in you all things are possible. Please hear my prayer tonight Lord, transform meI can’t bare one more day or hour or moment of this horrible misery, I don’t want to be this broken human being anymore Lord and I want to live in the light of your love, happiness and peace. You hung the stars in the night sky Lord and in that I know you can heal me. In Jesus name I ask these things, in Jesus name we pray, in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, Amen!