DElivarance in generational curses

by Ingrid April (Namibia Keetmanshoop)

My Lord and Father, I was never in a relationship that l really found love, and l was not raised by my parents, and today my children are not maintained by they fathers, my son is not obedient and he failed grade 10, my love life is also not well and l want to be married in this year, my God where ever l get a job l do not get a good salary l worked most of the time to earn enough or steal sometime, Father please bless me with a good job, working hours must be 8 am to 5 pm only Mondays to Fridays, so that l have time for family and my God, l want to move from Khp to Whk or WVB, please grant me my prayer , a good salary(20,000.00 with benefits, l don’t have the qualifications but l gained enough experience) , my son to go back to school and do demolish all evil spirits around him(please my Father), so that he study and pass all his grades, my love life too change in a good relationship with marriage, and Father bless my Spiritual life to grow so that l remain in You and bless others with my testimonies and show them the fruits of God. Amen

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