defend & support my daughter

by India (Lawndale, Ca.90260)

I’m repenting of any sin I have committed or any act that I have done to shame or embarrass or anger Abba . May he forgive me before I ask St.Jude with the special rights he has as Jesus friend and disciple to stand along side my daughter on this coming Friday medical inquisition. Be there in battle against the foes who are against her that they may recognize truth and her complete honesty & defend her rights as a christian to be victorious and let her maintain her dignity and career status. Defend her St. Jude , with Michael & Gabriel against the forces & foes that are trying to get her fired from her position . May the outcome of this inquisition be victorious and the bind the evil forces which prey on her once and for all thru the blood of Jesus. . That the Holy Spirit with her avenging angels and St. Jude comfort her and keep her strong through out the inquisition and may she feel protected & guarded by God thru His Son Jesus Christ and St. Jude thru this prayer…Amen & Thank you.

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