Declaration By Faith

by Cynthia Espinosa (Colorado Springs, CO, United States)

Dear Heavily Father,

I come to your throne forgive us first and for most for put sins! In Jess name. I left to you all my children. ….I declare and decree in Jess Name they will serve you in a huge way…they will walk in your image…..humble radiate the” LOVE” of Christ!

They will be Mighty Women and Men of God. I pray they will be Proverbs 31 and will walk Luke 4:18.. As you have done for them through your power they will give back to tge community in Jesus name!

Bring back to their spirit at all times it’s all about you it has never been just about them! May you inpart to them the fruits of your spirit supernaturally in Jess name. They will be quick to obey your voice daily in Jesus name! Amen

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