Decision Making according to God’s Will

by Patty (St. Louis, MO)

Dear St. Joseph, I need your help in selling my home and move to a smaller place – downsizing they call it. I’ve already found the smaller home, but my present home has not sold yet – thus I could end up with 2 mortgage payments which I really can’t afford.

You were a carpenter and so was my husband, but he has passed away and not able to help me now, so I’m turning my situation over to you and I know you will answer my prayer – hopefully sooner than later. I hope that I am making the right decisions in this matter according to God’s Will.

Please ask your Son to see me thru this ordeal by answering my prayers and help me in this financial situation – to improve my finances – not make them worse. From the bottom of my heart, I put my trust in Jesus and you to take over for me, I can’t do it without your help.


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