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I ask for prayer for this one thing Family. My husband wants more time with us his job consume a lot of his time and the days his here, his too tired to be here with us. I have five kiddos. The oldest is off to university although she will still be living with us she is starting a new journey and will be going across town everyday and a few days ago she wanted to back down and second guess everything. We told her No she graduated in 2021 and waited a whole and God open the door so we need prayer that she will trust GOD no matter what. My high schooler has two more years and we are praying she pulls through because it’s been tough these past 2 years trying to keep her focus and not distracted. My middle schooler his very smart, his going to seventh grade but he will be doing eighth grade math. The problem I have with my son is that his to distracted with music 🎶 that he listens to is terrible. Im always fighting with his attitude the way he talks down to his sisters and myself. He sags his pants, he never dress like this before. In sixth grade he changed and the summer I was constantly struggling with his attitude. So I ask for prayer that he will reflect on what more important and respect his mind and body that what he puts into his mind and body is a reflection of what comes out.
A special prayer for my younger two my seven year old is disabled (quadriplegic) diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He doesn’t speak but he makes sounds, every now and then he makes involuntary movements, His going to second grade. Help me pray that he can gain weight, that this year we will see miracles happen. Anytime a alter call for healing is called I’m there. For my five year old this is his first year in in-person at school. His very, very smart but his sometimes to friendly because his never gone out and left alone with others to care for him with different rules and it’s just nerve reckoning for me. Lastly for me, I will start a new part time job at my five year old school, but I’m always asking God my purpose, what does he want me to do? How does HE feel about me? If HE graded me? What would my grade be? I’m tired all the time and have cluster mind and still try to keep everything in order. But at the end I ask the Lord what is your purpose, your will for me. Lord I know I’m the clay and your the potter but sometimes I need confirmation that what I am doing everyday is your Will is it in your Likeness not mine or because I feeling it is. I need more than that to be confident of the choices I make with everything from financial, down to the everyday tasks. I had plan to start some clases Nursing but that all got thrown out the window when I injured my knee in May. I just started doing Physical therapy. I apologize for the me long list but to be exact I could not shorten it any other way. I thank God for prayer avenues like this because sometimes you can’t share or speak to anyone about what your struggling with without being. So thank you…
Whoever prays over my family and I, know that I thank you so much in advance. Know I will also be praying for this praying ministry. May God bless you double. In Jesus name I send this message trusting in HIM.


Mónica Sánchez

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