Debt Removal and Financial Blessing to Improve Our Life

Dear God,

We have already filed for Chapter 13 and have agreed to pay 100% back. Within the last few weeks, in addition to the large amount of money being repaid each month, we have now been informed we need to replace our air, furnace and hot water tank ($8,000 to over $10,000) and one of our main sources of transportation, Saturn Outlook, is now is need of repairs of over $3,000.00 and we are still in the process of paying our parents back for what was borrowed to purchase this a year ago. Due to our circumstances, we are not being approved for any type of loan so we do not have anywhere that we can get money from.

I do not seek a large amount of money, I only ask for enough money to relieve our financial woes and ease the stress. Please Lord, I beg of you to intercede on my behalf and provide my husband and I the financial means to breath again.

Please forgive my sins, Lord. Help my husband and I make the right decisions throughout our lives.


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