Dearest Lord, you have always blessed me with your love

by Sandra (Canada)

Dearest Lord, you have always blessed me with your love. Even though I was born into poverty, neglect and abuse you’ve been my constant companion. I thank you for your Holy Spirit breathing faith into my soul from an early age. Even though I’ve travelled rocky roads and have sinned greatly Your forgiveness had sustained me. Now though I am entering my senior years I still suffer periods of anxiety, depression and anxiety. I should feel shame when I get like this, things have always worked out in the past because You have never abandoned me. Help me Lord to face these challenges with courage and the knowledge that there is a reason to every cross we encounter. I cannot control others but can only control my reaction to them as well as those unfortunate circumstances life brings. I pray for greater faith, hope and charity Lord. For myself, my loved ones and the whole world. Amen!

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