Dear Virgin, hear my health plea.

by AW. (USA)

Dear Virgin of Guadalupe, I’ve come to you praying for IMPROVED and better health for me and my sister. Help us to eat right, lose weight and to feel better. Heal our bodies: Help our hearts beat strong, heal our backs, internal organs, knees–our whole core. PLEASE Dear Virgin, pray to your son Jesus that we both may have IMPROVED health and feel better physically. Send us also a healer as in doctor. I love you Virgin. You’ve hear my prayers before now and I KNOW you will not disappoint me in any way. I know your son Jesus will hear your prayers and then place then in his heart, cover the with his blood and give them to OUR FATHER, as HE will feel my prayer is your son Jesus prayer. I KNOW improved health, weight loss and feeling better physically IS on the way. Also to make better and good food choices for us both. Thank you Dear Virgin of Guadalupe for hearing my prayer and for loving me. I also pray for those who righteously SEEK your help as well. I LOVE YOU, and am burning a beautiful white Virgin de Guadalupe candle in your honor this day, and to THANK YOU for everything!

Amen and Amen

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    PUSH~ OFFER LORDPosted on 12/27/11 – 7:55 PM
    Submitted by JJ

    Pls God let them accept my counter offer & EVERYTHING that I ask w/this home that it be TURN KEY Condition clean in & out ALL REPAIRED & THEY ACCEPT MY OFFER WITH THIS out the door price all fixed & ready to go by Blood of
    Jesus protect us from all evil & harm & SELL mine same time bring us all the RITE GODLY HELP & heal us Amen PEACE

    Subject: Loosing FaithPosted on 12/27/11 – 5:22 PM
    Family USA

    I am hoping for a miracle, and loosing faith. (Matthew 18:19) ~*Prayer Request*~%u2026 Please God watch over my family and I, Guide us, protect us, and bless us indeed!!!
    Please Lord give us a Financial Miracle!!! P.U.S.H. = Pray Until Something Happens… and I’ve been praying multiple times a day!

  2. Mom Mary hear our cries for this home that Your Son grant all our requests IJN

    PLZ LET THEM ACCEPT MY OFFER 12-29 by Ur daughter

    No more tie ups w/ur Nu Home Your Will Offer Lord & Healing for UR daughter Plz HEAL us totally Lord that Your daughter be Delivered get right with You and choose the right Godly man for her for her son sake, help her to see these ppl as You see them that they recieve You as Savior and her X dont let him have peace til he gets right and remove all these others away from my granchild. help us with Wisdom and guidance and with all the Godly HELP to make right choices and decisions and that these realtors not give me a hard time and the whole process go smooth and quik that we
    be Safe and they ACCEPT my offer price according to your will and plan for our lives, LOVE U, BIND HOLD UPS & HINDERING SPIRITS IJN PROTECTION WISDOM FAVOR BLESSINGS Amen Thank you Is.54v17

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