Dear St.Jude, Please help raise my dead boyfriend back to life

by Vishalini (Malaysia)

Dear St. Jude,

Please i beg u, please help bring my boyfriend back to life. Please raise him from the dead back to life. I beg u please help me out here. I have read many stories of people being raised from the dead back to life.

Please help to work this miracle on me. I beg u. My boyfriend Navin was murdered cruelly by Satan on my birthday last month. He didnt deserve to die that way.He’s the only son to his parents and my one and only love. Please help me St. Jude, i beg u. Please help me 🙁

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  1. Please bring my sole mate back to me

    Dear lord; I do not know how to go on without DPW who was killed suddenly on his motorcycle. It was not his time to go, we should have had many more years together. There was so much we needed to say to each other and our love story never had an ending. I am desperate and need him to come back to me, his family needs him to come back. Please consider this gift of life. I will pray everyday for his return.

  2. Faith

    My first boyfriend ever of 5 months was taken away from me on Dec. 6, 2015. At the time I was 3 month pregnant with his baby. We have so many plans. He was murdered… Each and everyday I pray, I pray so hard that God rewinds time and bring him back to us. I pray that there was a different outcome. I pray that he didnt die. I pray that the bullet either missed him or didnt do much damaged. Its been almost 8 months and I still have faith that God will answer my prayers. I have so much faith I continue to pray everyday. With God, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. He is GREAT and he will bless us. Have faith. Pray. I will pray for you all, please pray for me.

  3. i love my husband hes everything to me

    Please raise my husband from the dead. He is too young to die. He loved many and was always supportive hes too young to. Please god bring him back to me and his little girl. Ive heard storied where people have woken from the morgue and funeral parlour please help me. Amen

  4. He is my God sent

    Lucky died in a car accident on his way to work..since his death I have been living my life like a wet puppy..I thought I could get over it but its getting worst…I faith a strong faith that lucky can come back to life..pls help mi pray for him to rise…I’m lifeless without him…I believe God still perform miracles

  5. Raise my dead mother

    Plse urgently raise my dead mother madam. Rambha who passed away at Penang. Malaysia. On 12june2015b

  6. Raising. The. Dead

    Plse raise my mother. Rambha who passed away on 12 June 2015. At Penang. Malaysia

  7. Raising. The. Dead

    Plse raise my dead mother. Rambha who passed away at Penang. Malaysia. On 12. June. 15.

  8. Raising. The. Dead

    Plse raise my dead mother. Rambha who passed away at Penang. Malaysia. On 12. June. 15.

  9. Raising. Of the. Dead

    Plse raise my dead mother. Rambha who died on 12. June. At Penang. Malaysia

  10. Raising. Of the. Dead

    Plse raise my dead mother. Rambha who died on 12. June. At Penang. Malaysia

  11. Help raise my dead. Mother

    Plse raise my dead mother. Rambhaben who passed awaay on 12. June 2015 at Penang. Malaysia.

  12. i pray lord and st jude that ur boyfriend is resurrected

    i truely pray for you tha the love of ur life comes back to life, to you and to his parents.

  13. prayers

    I will pray for St Jude to raise your boyfriend from the dead. My husband was also taken by Satan a month ago.. it was not his time to go. I have been praying for his resurrection every day. But it is hard on your own. Please pray for my husband to come back to life also!

  14. Relief

    I pray that St. Jude quickly provides you what you need in order to quickly be relieved of the pain from this tragic loss. Once relieved, I pray you are encouraged and that your courage will give you the understanding, faith, strength, conviction and compassion it takes to bless others. Look forward to giving St. Jude thanks for being your very good friend.


    you will thank me when it is done in the next 48 hours

  16. hi thanks for ur words

    thank u for ur kind words..jesus has raised many from.the dead like lazarus n etc..i pray he will do the same for me:( my boyfriend ws brutally murdered in front of mr on my bday…he didnt deserve this.. i pray thst our lord will hv mercy on us n unite us back on this earth. pls pray for this to happen:(

  17. please help

    God has raised many from the dead before. I strongly believe that he can do the same for me. Please pray that god will work this miracle on me please

    please pray for me that this miracle will work..thanks..god bless u

  18. Prayer for Healing

    Dear St. Jude, Helper of the Hopeless, please send love to the people who’ve lost a loved one and heal their heart. Please comfort and calm and protect them as they grieve and go through this very difficult time. Please help them to know that their love is still with them, for it does not die, and that their loved one has passed on to a better place. One day they will reunite again. We all know the desperation and pain that comes from losing a loved one, the pain that makes us hope for the impossible. You are the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes, please do what you can to bring closure and peace to this family. Thank you. Amen.

  19. hope this helps

    Hi Only Jesus himself was raised from the dead but i will pray that his love for you will be with you till you meet in heaven and that he has never truly died because he is part of you and is watching over you i hope this has helped you in some way, god bless.

  20. Please st jude send my husband back from the dead he had brain cancer.

    Please send back my husband back to me, love him so.

  21. my love

    Plz bring back my michael. He was just 13. I need him. His family his mom needs him. I believe in God and i know he will come back. Everything is possible for god. Everyday am praying. I have faith that he will come back to me one day. Plz pray for my michael he was truely a soulmate for me

  22. Please bring my Mike back to me now.

    Mike died on January 11, 2018 and I cannot live without him, I don’t want to live without him. Please bring him back to me. If there is a God, you will bring him back. If not, then you won’t. Make a true believer out of me by honoring my request for my soulmate’s return now.

  23. Please Pray for me

    Dear St Jude,
    My boyfriend died in a motor accident today. Onyedika was not perfect but he strived to live right, to please God, to help people. Please Lord Jesus, forgive him his sins, breathe into him and give him life again. If it be your will that he does not come back to this world, please lead him to heaven, forgive him his sins and grant him eternal rest and happiness with you.

    Mother Mary, please intercede for him and for us that love him and miss. Give us peace Lord.
    St Jude, please pray for him and present my petition sbefore the Lord, pray for me that he may grant them.

    I love you Jesus, please bring back Onyedika to life.

  24. I am missing my better half, he died so suddenly, 2 after his birthday

    Is it wrong for me ask God to bring him back to life?

  25. Please bring back my fiancee

    On Nov 7, 2018 around 1:45pm I lost my everything. Luke Gregory. He was 30 yrs old. He was my past present and future. We have a beautiful daughter together who is only 19 months old. I pray every day for his return, my whole family is crumbling. We need him, we need him in his physical form here on Earth. Please dear God hear my prayers. Please. I can not do this without him. I don’t want to die, but I don’t want to live without him. I pleading with you Lord, show me your mercy and return him to us. Please hear us God. Please. He is my always and forever.

  26. Please bring my fiance back

    The love of my life SNF passed away October 25th I caaant make it without him anymore I need him…he made everything better…I promise I will do good or lose my own life idc I just can’t live without my baby…PLEASE GOD ANYONE LISTENING AMEN

  27. Please bring back my boyfriend

    He passed away on 27 December. He was my everyihing I cannot live without him, we had so many plans to do together. his parents also need him back. He’s a perfect man. I pray every days please hear me and show me your mercy.

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