Dear, St. Jude. Please, intercede on my behalf to secure a job offer.

by Garland (Harvest, AL, USA)

Dear, St. Jude.

I ask you in great despair to intercede on my behalf for a positive outcome on my recent final interview for a job that I desperately need. I have had a problem keeping gainful employment due to my stupidity, selfishness, illness, lack of humility and arrogance. I also petition your intervention to help me with the weaknesses that I mentioned and the many others that you know about that I did not mention. I also ask in all humility to pray for my kidney and gout issue. I know that others suffer far more than me. But, gout is making worthless as an employee, the people that I care about and my children.

I pray for the victims of the recent Paris massacre and for all that are abused and repressed in the world.

Thank you.

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