Dear St. Jude please hear my prayers

by S-J ()

St. Jude, please bring me a man who really loves me with all of his heart, even more than the man you brought me, my ex-fiance. I want that kind of sweet, protective of me, precious love like I had with my ex-fiance, but even more beautiful and stronger than the love we at one time had. Please bring me someone who wants to be good to me, enjoys being good to me, is good to me, understands me, wants to be with me every day and treasures our relationship and of course who I love, and who does not need his friends’ approval to be with me. Please let him love me even more than my ex did with all of his heart. I will not lie, I want to be his world and I want to mean everything to him like I did to my ex-fiance. This time I promise I will not take it for granted. I beg for God’s favor over my life again. Please plead for me once again for God’s favor on my life. I was ok being alone for so long, it didn’t bother me, but now I’m so tired of it and I know I belong with a man who loves me and who I love. So please make that happen Thank you St. Jude.

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