Dear St. Joseph please help and interceed for me, and all those who are suffering.

by Elena (New Mexico)

I ask for help for all my family and friends who are sick and suffering various trails and illness for all those who suffer from dysautonomia, pots syndrome and Mast Cell, for all the lonely and forgotten, the homeless .. For my husband, and for myself, for my health and good doctors to finally diagnose this, for help with my new insurance that it continue to cover all my doctor visits and tests, for renewed strengh and Gods grace, help and patience to deal with chronic illness and all the problems it brings financial, relationship, rejection, loneliness and self worth, the fear that comes at times. And please please St. Joseph intercede that the attorneys and insurance adjusters may finally take responsibility for an injury I suffered and instead of billing hours and lining their won pockets,may pay my claim, please guide and bless my attorneys especially this week as they review my case and send them the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit that they may see and know the best and most efficient way of making the the other side finally monetarily pay for my injury. Please soften their hearts and let them be compassionate and merciful to me and what I have suffered due to this injury and let them be kind and generous in the settlement and due to my dire financial need and after five years of this let it be settled in Jesus Holy Name. Help me Dear St. Joseph to be strong and to remain faithful to God always in everything till the end .. Amen

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