dear precious Father, I am struggling in my prayer life

by Susan (St. Louis, Mo.)

dear precious Father, I am struggling in my prayer life. I am feeling a voidbetween Thee and me and I know this is my failure not yours. Oh LordI bwg your forgiveness for all of my sins, those I am painfully aware of and thothose I’ve forgotten. Lord God, blessed, merciful Father I need you right now! I don’t need anything material, you’ve provided all my earthly needs in multiples, I am eternally grateful for all of your gifts. I am sorry Lord, sorry for feeling so distant and lost, sorry that I am not the servant I should be. Lord God, you are mighty and good, I don’t deserve anything you’ve given me but your love is so great you give anyway.Thw gift ofyour son Christ Jesus is more than my meager human mind can comprehend. I do not deserve grace and yet here I am standung in your grace. You know my heart Lord, You know my fears. Please protect my children & grandchildren, keep them safe. You know the unique circumstances in their lives Father God. Please in Jesus name, provide the strength and courage that they may face these challenges knowing you are with them. Lord Jesus please send your Holy Spirit to awaken in my children, the hunger for you. It terrifies me to know they do not have a personal relationship with you, In Jesus’ name I pray.


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