Dear Lord warm Cynthia U. heart again

by Mark (Gatineau Quebec Canada)

I fell in love with Cynthia nearly 4 years ago, we are in two different countries.I ( Mark) in Canada and Cynthia is in Florida.

i had been through many relationships but nothing like this one. i am 43 and so is she.
i thought everything was going alright, she never communicated properly, but made me believe that her love to me was uncontested and eternal. i had supported her in every way shape and form after i first met her. she was a broken soul. since it is my first time in true love, i think i failed somehow to provide her the proper warmth but in my heart, my love to her was unconditional and eternal. it kept growing stronger none stop. recently her emotion and feelings have gone a bit cold and asked for space. i am in agony and indescribable pain and sadness. my whole world shattered. she is everything in my life that i had been searching for . i truly love her and she did to up until 2 months ago or so. i need the patience to giver her space and peace as well have my love of my life back. it is Christmas time and i have not felt the happiness or joy of it . our first Christmas not talking. she reads my messages yet no response or acknowledgement of them. i ask the Lord to please bring warmth back to her as i was giving this relationship as my last hope to be in one with the person i most love and still do endlessly.losing her is like losing hope in life period. waiting this long in life to find your first true love was not easy. oh Dear Lord, revive that strong love in her heart through your wisdom, and show her that my true love to her was and still is true and real. please kick the evil out of her heart and from between us and let us heal and love one another till death do us apart. we were so close to marriage and living together then evil struck her heart. dear lord she loves me still and we need help. this is my only happy thing that has ever happened to me after going through a cancer fight. i hope you can grant me this wish.
thank you in advance.