Dear Lord please help my family

Dear Lord please help my family overcome all the difficulities we are dealing with now please remove hate, jealousy, bickering, separation and fighting with one another.

Dear Lord please help my son to see the err of his ways and stop keeping me separated from my grandson because you see his geniune love for me and you are jealous but he loves us all and shows it in different ways, he is only a child you must teach him love not hate.

Dear Lord bless my family so that we may come together in love,peace,health and abundance. Show us the way teach us your path Lord. Amen

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  1. mother has advanced cancer

    dear lord,there is no pain in the world bigger than watching your own parents in pain. please dear lord , we are all very sad, once upon a time we kept smiling thru all the troubles in life and now you have given us a trouble that has taken away all our hopes. please dear lord my mother was the pivot of our familyshe brought joy and fun thru simple living in our small family. please dont take away our only reason to pray, she never asked

  2. please pray for healing

    Pray tjat I will ne healed and that my family will be healed and healthy also. Deliverance from evil curses that have been spoken over our lives

  3. healing and deliverance

    Please pray that me and my family be healed healthy and whole. That we’ll be free from every curse and and all difficulties. Freedom from oppression and power of the enemy.

  4. urgent prayer

    Lord bring healing and your peace upon my family and bring order. Take care of me and my family and be order and solution to all of our problems

  5. my family

    Dear lord please bless my daughters. Please remove any pain and anger that they may feel and fill their lives with love and happiness. Please strengthen all their relationships especially with each other.

  6. God Please Help my family

    Dear God please help my mom, she was diagnosed with a Brain Tumour 2 months ago, an incurable brain tumour one that cant be operated on and the tumourcant be shrank with any medication, she was given 3 months to live and every day she is getting worse and worse, I had a brain tumour when i was 12 and my mom prayed by my bedside everyday and I recovered as mine was operated on. Im 37 now and this is the hardest time my family has ever gone thru, I know your watching over us DearGod all im asking is for you to send my family your blessing so we get thru these hard times, please dont let my mom feel any pain, A miracle, if there was a miracle in my family where to my mom was cured somehow Dear God please anything please let us know you been listening to our prayers

  7. Please help my mother God

    Dear God:

    Please help my mother and my family. Please let her life be free
    of worry, sickness and depression and to be financial secure.

  8. God bless my Husband with a Job

    My maker and my all, with heavy heart and tears in my eyes i pray to you this hour to send forth a helper to me and my family, for my husband to have a Job, we are so much indebted and lots more, oh God of mercy attend to our prayers and see my broken heart, father lord surprise us that things will turn around for good, my children and other members of the family does not know how bad i feel and sleepless night, secret tears for desire for God`s visitation upon us as a mother,
    Oh God only you can make a way for a man, please lord look down from heaven and see my tears, wipe my tears away and shine your light upon the darkness in my family, bless my husband with sound health and a good job, thank you lord because i know you are still alive, faithfull to bless us with our heart desires, Thank you Jesus because i know that your light will shine upon me and my family soon, AMEN

  9. Help my family

    Please Lord, help my family, give us strength and forgiveness. Allow our son to use the gift you gave him, show us the way, show him the way. Protect us from those that who are causing harm. Amen

  10. prays for my brother and mother

    Lord thanks for everything that u give us in my life thanks for every happiness.lord my brother facing very difficult time.lord give him stregnth to handle his situation lord please give strength to my mother as she cant see the pain of her son as he is going through.please lord show them the way to overcome of that situation.lord give right directions to those people who r doing wrong to my family .please lord help my brother and maa.i love them alot.please do everthing alright for them.they r struggling in their lifes.please lord give right vision to my family .please lord help..we r facing problm.u know evrything what we r going through.

  11. prayers for my family


    Please bring my family back together we are apart and need your help lord to help us with our struggles and problems lord please give us the strength to move on and forgive.
    Lord I put you before my spouse and work lord I want to live in your kingdom side by side with my wife lord and my children please lord make us a family again and let the struggles be over if it is not what you want lord I will pray until I see the path I will hear you Lord.

  12. Please help us find Good Jbs

    God please us help nowadays in dealing with our most financial situations in life. Help us find good and safe jobs similar to what we were doing back home.Give my family justice for discriminations, denials of ecomomic opportunities,unfair treatment we have been experiencing at the hands of the people and employers in Canada.Help me and my family and rescue us from poverty and from being buried in debts. Give me strength and wisdom in dealing with all the court cases that I’m going through to give justices to me and my family for the consequence of injustices that we are experiencing now.Give the judges and hearing officer the true feeling and sense of justice for what our oppressive employers had done to me and that, they will not also discriminate.I know there are a lot of victims of unscrupulous and greedy people out there, who continuously rake in millions of dollars in immoral ways with impunity because of rampant corruptions in the government at all levels. Give us also justice to their victims whose blood is being sucked just to earn a poverty wage from working as slave labors including myself. Thank God, please.

  13. Prayer for my family

    Dear Lord,

    Forgive me for all my sins and transgressions and believe me I will aim to improve who I am. I have been away from you Lord and feel awful with that. Lord please help my family. My parents are about toloose their house and will have no roof over their heads, mom has severe mental issues and so does dad and us children are suffering immensly trying to keep things together. Lord please help me get my parents some accomodation that they dont end up on the street.Help my mom with her health and her addiction and clear her soul from all the anger. Cleanse my fathers heart and soul because he is lost and needs to be shown the path. Take us under your wings Lord and instil faith, happiness and joy into our souls. Thank You Lord.

  14. pray for miracles

    All wise and merciful God, I ask for your help in a time of trouble. Please help my daughter and her family, she need to be delivered from alcohol, so she can have a right mind to do the right things for her family. Bless her family in a special way. Thank you


    God please help our family get through this crisis. Please show our eldest son the way out of depression and into a meaningful, joyful life. Please bless our other two sons with the strength to pursue their dreams.

  16. Dear lord,

    Please help my family 👪. Pulling together.advance.and overcome our current obstacles. Thank you.Lord (Joe R.

  17. Please God

    Dear Lord
    Please help our beautiful family. Help us over come this immense anxiety and sad times. Please a God help us get through all the health issues around our family. May everyone be cured.
    Please be there by our side Lord and help us have some peace happiness and tranquility in our lives.
    I adore you Lord.


    God our heavenly Father, with tears in my eyes I ask you to help my family become like yours, where der is no hatred, jealousy, envy but “LOVE”. Through Jesus christ our Lord. Amen

  19. Please Help Us Get Our Home

    Lord Jesus if it be your will, Jesus I ask for good news regarding a decision about a house that we have been waiting on. Lord we have done without for so long and my family is so ready for change. We have found the perfect home for us. Please let us receive this home…Let it be your will Lord Jesus! Please forgive me for all of my sins and to do better, especially in serving others. Thank You- In Jesus name I pray, Amen

  20. Our Broken Family

    Please God help my family. My husband needs help and so does my younger son. I stay frightened all the time time that my husband is going to say or so something to my son that he can not take back. He has PTSD and I know so many things he can’t help, but I also don’t want to be in his line of fire nor both my sons.
    Please Lord don’t leave us. Amen


    Dear God, please help my family during this trial of tribulations God. Lord help them love one another Dear Lord. God there is illness in my family ,with my Mother and aunt’s and myself and sister’s dear Lord. Father I pray you keep us in your good grace Father cover us in your blood Jesus. Father I need you to give Mr strength through all that has come upon my family Lord. I’ve been weakened at times wanting to give up on life,Dear Lord. Father I pray that you keep me in your loving arms God and all weapons form will be disarmed in your Jesus I pray. AMEN

  22. Need help

    Dear god help me today with my struggles in life. I have sinned and I need forgiveness it hurts me deeply that I have done wrong and how it affects my family. I want to repent and am lost at the moment. Please help me to overcome the obstacles I face.
    Prays be to God

  23. help me lord

    Dear Lord

    please help me find my place in this wold. Help me get into the university program want and get a scholarship. Help me find a job Lord. my family is suffering and my daughter needs me but i am not there. my parents are facing financial problems, please give them strength and guide them during this dark time. Help me get my daughter soon, and help me support my family. Bless my siblings and guide them, i know they are struggling but give them strength. Bless all my relatives who are also suffering. If i get into this program Lord and get a job, i will support my family as much as i can. I promise. Please also bless my relationship with the man that i love so much, please let him know how much i love him so that he can love me better and appreciate me. That is all i ask.

    In the name of Jesus.


  24. God I Need you

    Dear God, please help me and my family. My daughter is loosing custody of her children and she is signing them over to me. We are awaiting a hearing from the judge before it becomes final. The oldest may be going to his father’s. The other two father could care less and has no involvement in their lives. I’m scare I may not be able to take on this task. But I don’t want to see my grandchildren split apart and raised by strangers. I have no job at this time and the little town I live in doesn’t offer much. These children need some who can be with them and I need a job that will fit their needs. Dear God I need blessings to stay strong deal with the situation I am now in. I ask these things in Jesus name Amen.

  25. Lord help me

    Lord. I am sinner please forgive me. Help me lord in all my words and actions. Hide me in your wounds. Lord please help my family and myself from every kind of evils threats. Protect my parents lord. Forgive me and help me. Thank you lord jesus.


    Oh lord my maker, you are the one that Instituted marriage and homes, Please Lord God almighty open doors for my husband to get a Job, Lift us from grass to grace, give him sound health, with heavy heart and tears in my eyes i make this prayer to you this hour to send forth a helper to my family, Oh God look from heaven and give ars to my prayers, I hv faith in you that you can do all this for us, take away every pain, shame, lack, tears in my family and replace it great testimony, healing and abundance. AMEN & AMEN.

  27. Please protect my children and I

    Please dear God,

    Have mercy on our souls.

    My daughters father is a very powerful, and crooked lawyer that is using all of his power and connections to destroy mine and my children’s lives.

    I have sole care of two children, and he wants to make me suffer for not having an abortion when he demanded it, and no matter what he has done to us, he is getting full support from those in power to do it.

    I am scared and I love my children with my life. Please protect us from their harm and all of the abuses of power that we are experiencing.

    I am a good mother that’s doing all I can to give my children the best life possible. I beg you to protect us from harm. I am petrified.


  28. CP's is trying to tare apart my family

    Dear lord except my love wash away the bad in the world my family is in danger the cop and cps stormed in my house cornered my German wife locked my out of my house twisted the truth took my kid now that my kid has Ben in foster care she has not stop crying and looks like she could snap any day no one want to hear my kid out or beleave my wife or me I’m so lost please lord take my pain away please I beleave come in to my heart shower me with you’re love I need you the world need you things are turning bad where did the love go!😢

  29. please help me my family

    Dear god

    What I am doing I don’t know…please save .because of me suffering my total family my husband and my two kids. please he me now……rewind my mind.. my mind is not in conscious..please relive me with what ever problem …….please o my lord…………….please

  30. Strength going forward for family

    Heavenly Father, please Almighty God I pray for my family.

    As you know my father passed away recently and I feel so lost. I know I am the one to continue to care for my momma, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I feel so lost inside. Friends have offered support, offered condolences and while it comforts I am still so afraid.

    Please Lord I pray for strength.
    Please Lord I pray for courage.
    Please Lord I humbly pray for wisdom during these dark times.

    God I TRULY need your strength.

    Please Lord. I pray for miracles


  31. My family

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of my wife and kids. Please take away the worries and fears that they have. Take away all the stress from my wifes mind. Allow my children to grow and become well.adjusted adults. Grant us some financial security. Help me to see the way to provide for them. Thank you for listening to the pleadings of a father.

  32. Please lord help thy family

    Dear lord please help my family as my son is going through a rough time with his baby momma ,please watch over my grandson as he isn’t in a good establishment His mom is keeping him from my son and the rest of the family…My grandson has lots of love for this side of the family that she is keeping him from thank you in jesus name Amen

  33. Healing for My Family!

    My ex husband broke thru a guard rail and hit a train that was going 70 miles an hour. He suffered a tramatic brain injury. We
    were told that he was in a vegatative state. He has been in two different hospitals currently the VA since April. He has no funds, his wife has medical issues and does not work so they have no income. He did wake up and is now trying to learn how to walk, talk, still has very limited use of his arms. His children live 1,800 miles away. They want him to come be by him so they can take care of him. This has caused a tremendous rift in our family. Please give everyone the answers and support that they need to deal with all this.

  34. Family

    Please help my family. My dad lived with me for ten years
    The last months of his life were difficult.
    I promised my dad he could pass away in his bed.
    My dad made me promise I would never Purim
    In a rest home or go back to the hospital.
    I made that happen because I loved him unconditionally .
    When my dad passed away my brothers and sisters kept their part of the insurance money and I had to pay for the funeral all by myself. After he passed it was like trying to grieve for my dad but yet grieve for my sister and brother who are still living. I feel like I lost the best part of me when my dad passed away. I became the most hated person in my family. I don’t understand .

  35. Please lord help my family

    Please God my almighty lord and savior please help my family. All we do is argue. We lost are love as a family. Separation, fighting, no trust, gambling. All equal to no love. Brothers and sisters fighting, husband and wife argue, thoughts of divorce. Please God help us. We need you so much

  36. Dear Heavenly Father Please Help Me And My Family

    Dear God, I’ve been so depressed, I’m doing my best as a mother. There’s times I feel lost. I praying that you release to for the curse that’s upon my family will be broken. I’m praying that you help be a better person for myself and my kids. I pray that my family is blessed financially. I’m working pay check to pay check I’m not able to fill my family needs nor myself. I’m praying for my mother health and her state of mind I’m asking you to bless her to be able to walk again. I’m praying for my sistes and my brothers health and safety and security financially. I’m praying God that you bless me with another job so I can support my family. Lord I’m praying that you take the taste of tobacco out my mouth so I can live for my kids and be here to see my grand kids dear God. Lord I need to be delivered from from the pain I have in my heart of loneliness from my family. There’s times I felt like no one cares. I’m praying for a break through Dear Lord.


    Please hear the voice I am sending out. You are breaking my heart and I know yours was broken but your heart knows that your mother has never left you. I LOVE YOU JEFFREY . MY SON. I CARRIED YOU , GAVE BIRTH TO YOU, DEFENDED YOU AGAINST OTHERS.

  38. God I pray for help with family and loved ones

    Heavenly Father, please Almighty God I pray for my family.

    As you know my father passed away recently and I feel so lost. I know I am the one to continue to care for my momma, I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do. I feel so lost inside. Friends have offered support, offered condolences and while it comforts I am still so afraid.

    God I pray for someone who I love very much but things have gone so badly with. We don’t speak anymore and it hurts more then I can say. Please Lord I feel so overwhelmed, so lost and I don’t know what to think or do.

    Please Lord I pray for strength.
    Please Lord I pray for courage.
    Please Lord I humbly pray for wisdom during these dark times.

    God I TRULY need your strength.

    Please Lord. I pray for miracles

    AMEN –

  39. Need help now

    Dear lord,
    Me and my family needs serious help right away.
    We could loose our home soon and need financial help today.
    We have had a terrible over the last 3 years.

    If anyone reads this please call me today.

    God bless those who help others out.


    Please God take evil and satan from not my family and house but please send your’e son back and end all misery. Please God.
    I will never understand why it has to be here to begin with and the only understanding I think with the mortal mind you gave the human race is to just have faith because there are things humans will never understand until it’s time. In the mean while there ids hate killing sin everything bad that is imaginable we as your creation has to fight and suffer. Please God. End it. In the name of Jesus please end it 2 people disobeyed you in the perfect Garden of Eden. Why mus the rest of every single human born since have to pay the price.
    An entire beautiful perfect place with absolutely no suffering and all 2 people had to not do was 1 simple thing and none of the suffering in the entire history of the Earth would have to suffer. You as being the all knowing creator knew it would happen and the rest of everything else would and will be. Why? I am sure you have a reason mortals will never understand in mortal life but pleas God could you please end the hate and suffering. Put Satan away. I pray in the name of your only begotten son please end this Hell on earth and where ever else it is. PLEASE. Amen

  41. Lord help us

    Lord please help me and my family. We need financial security and help us stop fighting with each other. We love you Lord. We are at your mercy. Help me be a better husband and father. I pray for my wife and my two children. I pray that you can continue to bless us with your love.

  42. Please heavenly father

    Please help my wife daughter and I to cope with our current situation and to come together as a family to help one another through this adversity where we appear to be losing everything we have worked so hard to achieve. I pray that I am exaggerating my fears and that you can help me put our lives back on an even keel

  43. Dear Lord help our family

    Lord I pray to you first for Love, peace and harmony in my family. We have been struggling with finances unable to meet our obligations to one another and to others even though we are all working very hard using all the tools and blessings you have given us… We restlessly awaiting the fruits of our labor but they are ever so meager and still we trust that you are working our case. We ask you for Financial peace. We need it so much for my mom, my daughter, my husband and me and for any other member of the family that may be struggling without uttering the words. God please bless our efforts help bring about the season of growth for all the labor we have and are putting in. Our hearts are aching for every day we are facing financial challenges that we can’t meet yet we are steadfast in our trust in you… In our trust in your Love for us… Not a day goes by where we don’t bear witness to your presence in our day. We love you, we glorify you, we trust you. With that I want to thank for all you blessings, the opportunities you have created for us where we didn’t see a way. Thank you for all the tools for giving us a place to labor. We patiently await the fruits to our labor… Just wanted to say my Lord the wait ha been long and we need you badly please look upon us kindly. Help us where you think we need it. Thank you God. I love you! Sophia


    Dear my Savior Lord Jesus I am here before you just to say thank you for all you have done in life and my family, you have been soo good to us we are giving you glory and praise. I m taking this opportunity to repent for my sins, and on behalf of my family kindly forgive us Lord. We need your love and care erase our names in the black book write us in the living book. We are seeking favor, grace and mercy from you. We lost our dad and uncle in a tragically accident d we lost hope. But you gave us hope and strength, thank you Lord.
    I am begging you my Lord protect my family members from the spirit of death and spirit of destroy. Protect my mom Elizabeth, my husband Denis, my daughter Delphine, my brother Martin and his wife Glady, my Sister Cecilia and her husband Lameck, my sister Grace and her husband Geofrey, my lil brothers Gabriely, Davi and Imma. My other sisters Agnes and Lucy. My nieces and nephew Laura, Lizzy and Maurice
    We put ourselves in the blood of Jesus so that devil will never see us. I cursed out spirit of miscarriage and spirit of death in Jesus name. Jesus help me to have a baby. Bless my womb to carry a baby with no complications and with no miscarriage nor threaten miscarriage. I believe and trust all of my prayers will be answered in Jesus name.


    I don’t know what to do any more to save my family. I know the saying goes ” PUT IT IN GOD’S HANDS!” How can I bring it to the point where that is going to save us? Please there is something terrible that was put on my family that has unleashed the evil to destroy my children, grandchildren, & myself. We are being ripped apart and I’ve lost 4 grand children now 2 more are being taken!!! God Dear God please I beg you please HELP US BEFORE WE ARE TAKEN DOWN and our lives snuffed out by this thing that won’t leave us alone!!! What do we do? God please!!!!!!

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