Dear Lord please help my children and I to survive the mean things their dad has done.

by Tracie (Alabama)

Dear Lord, thank you so much for your blessing of two wonderful, precious children who mean everything to me. please help me to have the wisdom to know what to do and what to say while we are suffering thru the aftermath of cruel things their dad and his family have done. My babies are young and I have become sick, they are worried about their mom and that is too much for children to worry about. Their dad lied to us and did not pay his child support claiming that he was covering our house and car instead. we found out in Jan that he had not taken care of these basic needs and in a fit of anger he left us with no oney, knowing that I have no family to help. he blocked his babies from being able to call him and then went around town making fun of our losing children are hurt, confused and terrified of losing their home they have known since birth. At age 8 and 10 they know that it is mean for him not to call to ck on them, refuse to hel them and does evertything to thwart all efforts we make to get help, we will lose our car soon and house is also a possibility. we are waiting on disability and dhr to attempt to collect the back time, I fear It may arrive too late. hel me to know how to comfort them and give them security they have lost, even if we lose everything. I know that I do not deserve your blessing but they are really good kids who love the Lord and they don’t deserve this worry and stress. His family is well off and could at least have offered to help us with food, but they never even ask if they are ok. Amen.

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