Dear Lord please help me so I won’t loose my little boy!

by Angela Koenig (North Little Rock, Arkansas)

God u know the struggle I have faced & the things I have done. I know that my lifestyle in the past was one full of sin. U gave me the straight to put down the pipe and the determination to be a good mother. I have since been paying for my crimes of the past. But I begg of u know please I’m in need of a reprieve! I have worked so hard to change my life for myself and my little boy but I still haven’t been able to come up out of the whole I dugg myself for 20years. I finely got a place on my own & a real job. But I can’t get any hours at work and I can’t pay my rent. Lord please help me because I don’t have anywhere to go it anyone to turn to but u. I know I probably don’t deserve it but I’m asking for my son. Please don’t let me loose him because he is my life and I love him so much. Thank u father for giving me a reason to live. Please help me?

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