Dear Lord Please Heal My mind,body & soul

by Micha (Essex)

Dear Lord,I am 22years old and For the past three months I have been sufferng from anxiety and depression, everday is a struggle and I panic,I have constant negative and scary thoughts in my mind and I feel suicidal, I ask you just to please take control of my mind, I invite you in to my life lord, I pray that you can heal me..everyday iv been praying and I know you are listening and I may not see it now but I pray you will soon heal me completely, as long as I wear your armour I know you shall protect me.please Lord answer my prayers,I just want to be happy again. I also pray that you also heal those who are going through the same thing or are having other problems they are facing in their life. I ask these requests in the name of jesus christ,Amen.