Dear Lord, please bring us back together and allow us to Reconcile and Reunite.”


Lord, Thank you for always watching over and taking care of me. Going through the breakup was the hardest thing that I have ever done in my life. My Lord, I ask that you please send my Love to the girl that I Love. Allow her to understand how much that I Love her and please remind her about how well we were together.

All of the good times together. lord please put it in her Heart that we can work. That I am a changed man. That I Love her so much. Even though we are so far apart in different states let her know that I would be willing to move for her. Lord please bring us back together and allow us to continue what was once a great Relationship and reconcile and reunite. Lord, please allow us to see each other once again.

I have not seen her in many months. I still Love her and cannot forget about her. Lord thank you for everything that you have blessed in my life. Lord, I ask that you please allow us to have another chance. God willing. If you think that is the right thing to do. Please show me Lord. Give me a vision of what you want for me my Lord. I Love you so much. Amen.