Dear Lord, please bring my wife back to me.

Dear Lord, I come before thee with a heavy heart. You have given us a chance to reconsile but it seems we did not apreciate the chance. I know Lord, that Yoy have given us so many chances but we are stuggling. Please Lord, please change my wife’s heart and make her realise that we belong together.

Change her heart Lord and let het fall in love with me again Lord. Please cancel all negative words from ourselves as well as from people around us Lord. Please let us show all the people how mighty You are. Please restore our faith in You and in each other. Please bless us with the wisdom to do rihgt by You Lord. We have made so many mistakes, allowed things into our marriage that should never have been there. Please forgive us Lord. God all mighty, please bring us back together again and help us to love, respect and cherrish each other as You intended.

Please Lord, cancell all negative things and keep away people who try to come between us. Please Lord, help us to do right by You. Help us to love one another as we once did. Thank You Lord. Blessed be Thy name. In Jesus name I pray.

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