Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus Christ I pray for complete reconciliation and restoration of my marriage to my beloved wife.

by Kristopher (Tulsa, OK, USA)

Dear Lord, my heart is heavy and burdened with the recent separation from my wife. My wife and I have only been married now for a little over two and a half years. We have been together for five years. My wife is the most amazing woman and she is truly a blessing in my life.

She is the greatest blessing you have ever bestowed upon me. However, I have dishonored my wife terribly in our marriage and I understand why my wife has chosen to separate from me. You see I suffer from a drug addiction that I have allowed to rob me of all that is precious in this world. I have put my poor wife through hell and she has had enough. I have bankrupted us financially, not been able to hold down a job, caused us to get evicted several times from our places to live, cost my wife a job and moved her around to numerous different cities just to start all over again.

The last straw for my wife was just a month ago when she dropped me off at a rehab that I was supposed to check into and I chose not to instead only to go and get high. A couple days past all the while my wife and mother thought I was in rehab and I ended up getting arrested and going to jail. I knew the minute I got arrested that this would be the final blow for my wife and that I might not ever get to be with her again.

Father I love my wife so much and she is so special to me. I pray and ask for your mercy and forgiveness for all the lies, deceit, pain and trouble that I have caused so foolishly for my beloved wife. She deserves only the best in a husband and I have failed her and disappointed her miserably.

Lord I have repented and turned away from my drug use and have been sober now for about a month. However, my journey through getting sober and staying sober is just starting. My wife at this point is heart broken and just doesn’t have the strength to go on with me in this condition any longer.

Lord I have made up my mind to not ever use another drug again for the rest of my life. I need your help Father to remove the desire for drugs from me and to heal my body, mind and spirit to complete restoration.

I pray Father that you would heal my beloved wife’s body, mind and spirit back to complete restoration. I pray Father that you would heal and restore our marriage back to complete restoration. I pray Father that you will bring my wife back to me and remind her just how much she is truly loved and missed by her husband.

I pray Lord that you will touch my wife’s heart and remind her just how special she is to you Father and how special she is to her husband. I love my wife with all my heart Lord and I am so sorry for breaking her heart. Lord I pray that with your strength you will transform my life and make me into the husband I am supposed to be for my beloved wife.

Thank you Lord for blessing me in all things, but mostly thank you Father for blessing me with the greatest wife a husband could ever ask for. I pray and ask all these things in your son Jesus Christ’s most Holy name. Amen, Amen, Amen…

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