Dear Lord in heaven

by Marcie ()

Dear Lord, I would like to pray about my cigarette addiction. I have prayed on another addiction and you did help me overcome it because the thought of the other addiction is no more. You know what I am going through. I also want to pray for my sister, I think she is going through something and maybe an addiction. Please help me not treat her the way she treated me during my difficult times. I had and still am dealing with hyperthyroidism and that’s when I turned to drugs so as to not feel things that are intense at times. Hyperthyroidism I learned about anxiety that later turned to panic attacks. I have faith and believe in you God. I also believe in your son, Jesus, I know he died for our sins. He was also there for people and helped with making people believe in you. I would also like to pray for my friend Heather Gomillion and also Nick Robertson, I pray that you can reach them both. They have addiction’s and have had traumatic things happen in theirs lives as well. Heather lost her mom. Nick lost his father to suicide right in front of him and also his brother died riding a motorcycle that he fixed and it crashed. Please give them comfort inside. In Jesus name Amen.❤️ P.S. Thankyou for comforting me after my dad passed away! You sent a bird to me and it was like a song singing to me and I heard your words coming through. You said, ” It’s ok, it will be alright, I love you” I heard that over and over until I did not hear it anymore, which was because you comforted me. I felt it and heard it until I felt it. I know you understand. Please forgive me for my sins and all the not so good stuff I was doing under the influence. Also I was prayed on a few times at a church and the first time I had an experience that I had never experienced before. During that experience, I had to learn to have faith. I kept feeling like I was trying to fall backwards my feet were lifting up but my heals were fighting because I was afraid of falling. There was someone in front of me praying and someone was behind me praying and when I finally let go I had faith that you were not going to let me fall and they caught me and gently lay me on the floor. I felt you in a way I never have before. I had another time where I was prayed upon and they said I have issues with men and women. Another time I was prayed upon and I was told I know right from wrong. I will talk more about those two things later because I really want to understand what my issues are and fix them. Thank you for my life. Thankyou for giving me my son, and I do pray that you will touch him. I want him to believe in you like I do. I do struggle with that because of things happening in my life and it hasn’t helped our relationship. It took me away. I know you are intervening. Thank you

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