Dear Lord, I surrender my relationship with Andre to you

by Leler (Illinois)

Dear Lord,

I surrender my relationship with Andre to you. I put every problem that we may have in the palm of your hands. Lord I pray for full restoration over my relationship. I pray that Andre sees just how much we have and remembers the reason he fell in love with me. I pray that he comes around for the sake of not just me but our newborn baby. Lord remove all stubbornness, doubt, uncertainties, and pride that may be filling Andre’s mind and heart.

Oh my heavenly Father I decree and declare full reconciliation over us right now. Lord grant me the patience and faith I need in the midst of this breakup. Lord make the impossible possible. Lord grant me all the right words to say. Help me to remain humble. Hold my tongue when I feel frustrated or become anxious.

Lord you said ask and you shall receive. So I come to you asking for you to heal this relationship, bless this relationship, rekindle the lost love between us, and bind up the brokenness. Lord I rebuke any temptations, distractions, ill advice or spoken words, and anyone or anything that is coming between him and I. I beg of you Lord fix us Jesus. Fix every problem that we may have. Allow this breakup for us to reunite stronger than ever.

Lord please hear my cry and my plea to restore this relationship. Shower your Holy Spirit upon us. Feel Andre’s heart with love for me remove any negativity he may have about me. Lord change his heart and change his mind. In the meantime work through me Lord to have more faith, patience, and strength when concerning this prayer. Lord grant me this miracle and perform your miraculous works upon us. Lord Almighty this prayer I ask in Jesus name Amen!