Dear Lord I praise and thank you very very much

Thank you Lord for answering my prayer after 17 YEARS. My wedding day was wonderful and emotional.. Now at last my husband and I can receive holy communion and the other sacraments.

Please pray for my youngest daughter to make the right decision about her future career. She is a good dentist but she no longer wants to practice dentistry as she says she becomes very anxious .. She had a very Evil boss who made her life and others unbearable. Her boss was forced to leave 28 staff left the service in a short time because of her abuse and tyranny. She was a very bad manager. .
My daughter feels broken and unable to continue . She wants a job where she does not have to face or deal the public .. I pray for God to show her his will. and to guide her .Let her make the right decision about dentistry and if it is the will of God please Lord show her want you want her to do next.. Please pray for her to be ok financially and to be able to pay her bills and to be happy. She deserves it.
Pray for her and her sister to come back to church and Sunday Mass. Pray that her friendship with her boyfriend be over. She deserves better. I pray for health and good fortune. for him. Pray for my two daughters to find the right husbands and my tooth problems vertigo and ear problems be fixed . Let us enjoy good health for me and my family. A friend to win her case. My eldest daughter to find the right house in the right location and at the right price where she be very happy. The cracks in my daughter house be nothing and we will fix our small drops of water leak soon. It will be simple. My husbands mental state to improve. and we will have a happy married life. Pray for my two daughters to love each other and to be at peace with each other again. Sometimes they argue a lot. Pray for me to be financially very good and have some good savings in the bank.. Thank you Lord Amen