Dear Lord I come to you today

Dear Lord I come to you today because I know that you are an almighty God and that all things are possible through you. I first want to thank you for all of the blessings in which you have bestowed upon me this far and all that you have in store. Lord I know that you are already aware of the needs and desires in my heart but I am asking anyway.

I currently have multiple areas in which I have need. First would be my current mental state Lord I just pray for peace as I wait for your will to be done. It’s been a couple of weeks since he absolutely broke my heart and left and since then I haven’t been at peace , Lord my ultimate wish and prayer is that our love be rekindled and that the coldness thaws and he replaces thoughts of distrust and resentment with thoughts of loyalty and love, while I know I have not been perfect i have been there and hope that we can continue this path together without any outside distractions committed to each other only. Lord I pray for my employment situation, while I am very thankful and grateful for the current 6 month contract I find it really difficult not to be concerned about my future and what is to come after that time period. I pray for happiness and stability n my work life.

Lastly Lord I ask that you break this bondage of alcohol addiction that covers him and make him while and well so that he can live a happier more fulfilling life. Lord I know that I come to you with a lot but I know that you are bigger than any storm and that trouble doesn’t last always. I realize that your plan is already in the works and I just need to show faith and wait on the end result.


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