Dear Lord, I come to pray for our world.

by Sharon ()

Dear Lord God in Heaven,
I pray for this world, for those who choose to do Evil that they will realize the wrong and turn from it. I Pray they will choose to do Good through you and with your direction, they will see that doing Good is the only way to help heal our world and to come together to make our world a much better place.
I Pray to you God to Bless us all with all we need. To give to us, Strength, to be better able to fight Evil, Comfort, to realize that You are the one in charge of life and if we don’t use our Free Will to turn to you, our world is lost. And Peace for us all, with the knowledge that trusting in your, letting you lead us, will bring to us all the Peace we all need, to continue to fight the Evil in our world.
I give daily thanks to you God, for all you do for us, for the wonderful healings you give to us. We all are so Blessed and those Blessings abound as we continue to trust in You and give our Hearts and Minds to You, for You to lead us through this life, into our next life, our life with You in Heaven.
Please oh Lord, grant us all the blessings we need to continue to live our life for You, at Your direction and to better help others to know You through our actions and our words and our deeds.
In Jesus’ name I pray this prayer to you today.

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