Dear Lord, I ask of you one thing

by Mahaley (Portland, In, US)

Dear Lord,

I ask of you one thing. And I truly know that you aren’t really receiving this message through like this. But I know you’re listening. I have found myself struggling to conceive with the one that I love so dearly. I’ve been trying to conceive for 15 months now. I’ve lost one child and he/she is with you in heaven. I cannot bare the thought of never being able to have a child of my own. I cannot bare the thought of not being able to hold my own flesh and blood in my arms. Never being able to see my baby smile, laugh, cry… It’s just so hard. I just find it hard to sustain myself knowing that there are horrible people out there who have children, and I am simply struggling to have one of my own. I need this. I really do. I’ve never had a real family of my own, and I just want the chance to be able to create one for myself and my partner. I just don’t know how people get through their daily lives not ever wanting to have a child of their own, because you know that I really want this. A child isn’t an object, it’s a human being and I know you know that. Just please, give me this one thing. No matter what happens, I will always love you and hold you close to my heart. Even if…I don’t ever get the chance to have another life growing inside of my womb.

Love your daughter,
Mahaley ‘